Articles on Islam for the Encyclopedia of the Bible and Its Reception

The Walter de Gruyter press in Berlin is publishing a new reference work called "The Encyclopedia of the Bible and its Reception." An interesting feature of this encyclopedia is that editors solicit articles on biblical topics from many different angles--including Islam. "Volumes 1 and 2" of the projected 30-volume encyclopedia have now been published. I enjoyed writing the "Islam" sections of eight articles in the first two volumes. De Gruyter has graciously shared pdfs of these eight complete articles with me--before they are accessible to the public through the internet. I post these complete articles as a way of showing how this innovative concept works (de Gruyter has posted many other "samples" on its website), and of hopefully providing a bit of publicity for this worthwhile project.

Articles are listed alphabetically by title

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  • Aaron in Islam
  • Adam and Eve in Islam
  • Adam, the Person in Islam
  • Adultery in Islam
  • Antichrist in Islam
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