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Non-Muslim Commentary on the Qur'an?

Birmingham manuscripts

In July 2015 a report about two pages from an early Qur'an manuscript appeared on the BBC website. The two pages came from within another manuscript at the Birmingham (UK) University library.

Interest in the two pages focused on the carbon 14 dating of the parchment.

At the same time there were a number of curious features of the BBC report, credited to reporter Sean Coughlan.

3. Response to abundance of evidence

F.F. Bruce suggests in The New Testament Documents that the rejection of the truth of the Gospel accounts by some western academics has not depended so much on historical evidence as it has on philosophical presuppositions.

Would you agree or disagree?

2. Bound up with history

Does it matter that the story about Jesus told in the New Testament be historically true?

This is the question that Prof. F.F. Bruce poses at the start of his book, "The New Testament Documents: Are they reliable?" Dr. Bruce explains that in a number of faiths, the traditional teaching is at the centre; and that for many devotees of those faiths, the truth of the teaching does not depend on the historicity of the teacher. But can this be said of the New Testament?

1. The Reliability of Scripture

During Fall 2012 and Winter 2012-13 I am researching and writing on the reliability of scripture. This theme was suggested to me by some of the best scholarly writing on the Bible in recent decades, going back to Prof. F.F. Bruce's "The New Testament Documents: Are they reliable?" (sixth edition 1981, first published 1943).

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