Dr. Nickel's Interview with Jason Estopinol  

Join us as we sit down with Islam and Quran expert Dr. Gordon D. Nickel and ask questions in connection with his recent book, “The Quran with Christian Commentary: A Guide to Understanding the Scripture of Islam”, including:

  • If one were to read the Quran with a complete open-mind, and never heard of Islam or Christianity before, what would the main takeaways be as the big picture?

  • What are the issues that even Muslims themselves must concede as far as the Quran perhaps being in error or falsification or a-historical?

  • What sort of things should we look for when reading the Quran when we read with the desire to have constructive conversations with Muslims from the source?

  • Have you ever encountered anyone who ended up fully rejection or seriously begin to question their belief in the Quran?

  • What claims does the Quran make about itself and what claims do others make about it?

  • What do the rank and file Muslims think about the Quran? What are their take aways when read it?

A Quranic Case for Biblical Preservation -

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The Quran clearly respects the Torah and Gospel and believes they are preserved and relevant. Most Muslims disagree.


This video is adapted, in part, from Gordon Nickel, "The Gentle Answer to the Muslim Accusation of Biblical Falsification" (Calgary: Bruton Gate, 2016), ch. 2.

Muslim Accusations of Biblical Falsification w/ Dr. Gordon Nickel 

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