Harold A. Netland, PhD
Professor of Philosophy of Religion and Intercultural Studies
Trinity Evangelical Divinity School

The Gentle Answer is a brilliant refutation of the charges of corruption by a first rate Qur’anic scholar and missionary practitioner. Gordon Nickel, who has lived much of his life in Asia ministering among Muslims, is an expert on the Qur’an, having completed his PhD under Andrew Rippin at the University of Calgary. His thorough familiarity with Arabic, Hebrew and Greek, issues of textual transmission of the Bible and Qur’an, as well as knowledge of the history of the interpretation of the Qur’an are clearly evident in this meticulously researched and impressive work. 

Nickel's book provides a gentle answer

Scholar responds to Muslim polemic directed at the Bible

by Harold Jantz

In The Gentle Answer Nickel has set out to respond to the polemic, attempting to make the case for “the reliability of the Bible's witness to Jesus in a manner that matches Jesus' teaching and example.”

He opens with an invitation. “Dear reader,” he writes, “this book is an invitation to read and reason invite friendly conversation between Muslims and non-Muslims. The accusations of the Izhar al-Haqq must be answered. Not to answer might mean to some that the accusations...are correct or that non-Muslims don't know how to answer, [or] have no answer.”

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Bishop A.H. (Tony) Nichols, WA

"However, Muslims deny the reliability of the Bible, firstly because they say human authorship is not compatible with divine inspiration, and secondly because the text has been corrupted in transmission. Worse still, Muslim polemic regularly claims that the text of the Torah, the Psalms, the Prophets and the Gospel has been deliberately changed, not least to obscure the identity of God’s final messenger, Muhammed. This is where Dr. Gordon Nickel comes to our aid with his scholarly The Gentle Answer to the Muslim Accusation of Biblical Falsification. Dr Nickel’s book sets out to answer in particular, the fierce accusations found in an influential Arabic work, first published in 1864, namely the Izhar al Haqq (which translates as “Demonstration of Truth”) by Rahmat Allah Kairanwi.

The book, which draws heavily on 19th century liberal biblical scholarship, has continued to provide ammunition for Muslim polemicists, not least in the subcontinent, through its Urdu translation".


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"Over the 20 years I have been dialoguing with Muslims, the accusation that “the Bible has been corrupted” is the most common I hear. Gordon does a great job showing how that polemic developed later in Islam—it’s not there in the Qur’an, Hadith, or early Tafsir literature. He also offers a great summary of the latest critical scholarship on the Qur’an". 

Andy Bannister on The Gentle Answer

Andy is the Director of the Solas Centre for Public Christianity and an Adjunct Speaker for Ravi Zacharias International Ministries, speaking and teaching regularly throughout the UK, Europe, Canada, the USA, and the wider world.

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Ron Dart on The Gentle Answer

Ron was on staff with Amnesty International before he joined UFV in 1990. Ron has an interest in Canadian Nationalism, Canadian Red/High Toryism, Literature and Politics, Religion and Politics, Human Rights, World Religions, International Relations, International Organizations, the clash between the Ancients and the Moderns, Political Philosophy, Mountaineering and Mountaineering Culture, Ecology and Politics.

 Gordon Nickel is a much respected Muslim scholar who did his PHD studies with Andrew Rippin at the University of Calgary. The Gentle Answer, as the subtitle suggests, challenges the Muslim notion that there is deliberate falsification of the Bible--the approach is meant to be gentle yet firm. There are four sections in this full bodied tome, and each of the packed, distilled and compact chapters within each section, dismantle the notion that the Bible cannot be truly trusted. Read More

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Gordon Nickel invites us to come and reason together!

By Manwe on February 24, 2015

Excellent...Excellent read...Dr. Nickel has done excellent research on this subject and calls us all to the table to reason together...
There is lots of superficial discussion of this subject but none has gone as in as detail, with as much love and respect for the other. This book addresses many false assumptions that many people have about the relationship between the Abrahamic faiths. READ READ READ!!!!!

Well worth your time to get, read, and ...

By Jeff Morton on May 19, 2015

Well worth your time to get, read, and mull over. Gordon's work is always appreciated and right on the money for sensitive and thinking Christians who believe the gospel of Jesus is more powerful than any ideology or religion.

Outstanding Book for Both Muslims and Christians to read!

By William McKinney on June 30, 2015

"Were the Scriptures (the Tawrat and Injil) tampered with in order to hide references to Muhammad, the messenger of Islam? What happened to the "Gospel of Jesus"? Why are there four gospels? What about the Gospel of Barnabas? Is Jesus really who Christians say he is?" These and many other questions are lucidly and irenically answered.

Dr. Nickel is very direct at times, urging the readers to consider what he has presented before them. This is no mere academic book, but a call for us to sit and dialogue together. He says, "Finally, we appeal to our Muslim readers to be honest and reasonable--to give up unsupported attacks on the Bible and instead consider solid evidence and scholarly research." (p. 76)

If the reader does not have a background in studying Islam, the book might be difficult to wade through. However, I would encourage the reader to keep at it. The apologetic section on the Hebrew Bible and the New Testament alone are extremely worthwhile and edifying to read.

Dr. Nickel is a brilliant scholar of the Qur'an and the Christian Bible. He grew up and spent much of his life in South Asian and is also a man who genuinely loves Muslims and Christians.

I highly recommend this book!

William McKinney

Excellent must-have book!!!

By Daniel Shinjong Baeq on May 13, 2015

This is a must-have-volume to whoever wants to study Islam and Christianity seriously. Dr. Nickel carefully surveys scriptural studies, both of the Qur'an and the Bible, to answer difficult questions raised by Muslims and non-Muslims. This book provides numerous topics that Muslim and Christian may have peaceful dialogues for deeper understanding on the contents of both scriptures. Read the Qur'an and the Bible! Have peaceful conversion with your neighbors! This is the invitation of the author to all.

Excellent Resource on Biblical and Islamic Engagement

By David W. Shenk on March 23, 2015

An outstanding book that I will turn to again and again as an essential resource. David W. Shenk

A Key Resource for Christians and Muslims - A Game Changer

By tfod8 on 25 July 2016

This lovely book is so well constructed, addressing Muslims and Christians respectfully, that it is difficult to imagine how anyone could improve on this scholarly and comprehensive call to respectful dialogue. Quoting historical Islamic and Christian scholars, it shows clearly that the Bible has not been tampered with as some Muslims are taught, and indeed Scripture versions from the Dead Sea Scrolls written 400 years before Muhammad lived, compare closely with his contemporary versions and our current versions of the Bible Scriptures.
Since concerns about tampering have kept Muslims from hearing the Gospel teachings of Jesus for an amazing 1400 years - Gospel writings which Muhammad taught in the Qur'an were Divinely inspired and authoritative - maybe now Muslims will feel comfortable reading what Isa (Jesus) the Messiah taught and what they have been missing for so long.
A key resource then for anyone involved in Muslim/Christian dialogue on any level; and a 'Gentle Invitation' for serious scholars and leaders of Islam and Christianity to read and reason together, with respect in our diversity.

Lane Davis on The Gentle Answer

When attending the recent Thinking 2016 Apologetics Conference, I came across the book, The Gentle Answer-To The Muslim Accusation of Biblical Falsification , by Dr. Gordon Nickel. [1] Once I began reading the book, I found it difficult to put down, as Dr. Nickel takes the reader on a comprehensive and chronological journey of the development of the Islamic doctrine of biblical falsification/corruption. Dr. Nickel targets both the Christian and Muslim audience, asking questions and presenting challenges to the Muslim reader, as well as informing the Christian reader of the reasoning that is behind the Muslim accusation of biblical falsification/corruption. I highly recommend the book as it will equip those of us in Muslim ministry with an “answer to him that asks us of the reason of the hope that is in us, yet, with gentleness and respect.” (1 Peter 3:15)

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A key resource then for anyone involved in Muslim/Christian dialogue on any level; and a 'Gentle Invitation' for serious scholars and leaders of Islam and Christianity to read and reason together, with respect in our diversity.