Gentle Answer Conversations

In this series of short videos, Dr. Gordon Nickel highlights some of the most interesting points from his book The Gentle Answer. Each video offers a link to other helpful material, in most cases chapter summaries written by David Esau. 
The Qur’an and the early writings of Islam - What do they say about the Bible?
Video 1: Introduction 
Invitation to Read and Reason 
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Video 2: Are there accusations in the Qur'an that the Bible was falsified?
Most of the stories in the earliest commentaries assume an intact text of the Torah.
 "The Gentle Answer- Chapters 2-6 summary"
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Video 4: Different scriptural approaches to the identity of Jesus.
What is the comparative importance of eyewitness testimony in the Gospel and the Qur'an? 
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   "Reliability of the New Testament"
Video 6: What makes the text of the Qur'an so uncertain?
It took almost three centuries to perfect a system able to capture the recitations. 
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      "Variants in Manuscripts and Readings" 
Video 3: The accusation is false. 
Is there any evidence of change in the Bible during the 7th Century related to the messenger of Islam? 
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       "Reliability of the Hebrew Scriptures" 
Video 5: Exciting discoveries of early New Testament manuscripts.
What do they tell us about the transmission of the Gospel during the early centuries? 
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   "The Strength of Many Manuscripts" 
Video 7: Do the Birmingham manuscripts prove an early date for the Qur'an?
Carbon-14 dating of the parchment seems to raise more problems than it solves.

To access Dr. Rezvan's article on the possible source of the Birmingham parchments, click HERE

Video 8: The relationship of the Qur'an to history
Taking the death of Jesus as a test case, how seriously does the Qur'an take historical fact?
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"Crucial Weakness on History" 
Video 9: Jesus is the Son of God
How do we commend important truths about Jesus in the face of Islamic denial? 
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"You are My Son" 
Video 10: Commending Jesus to the Muslim mind
We set our sights on faithful witness and good relationships
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"You Must Listen to Him"